CEN in figures 

Technical Bodies

RB88热博首页 www.xzljb.net At the start of 2019 CEN?has 2134 (active)?Technical Bodies, whereof:

        • 330 CEN Technical Committees
        • 35?CEN Workshops
        • 45 Sub-Committees of CEN Technical Committees
        • 1576 CEN Working Groups
        • 16?CEN-CENELEC Technical Committees
        • 6?CEN-CENELEC Workshops
        • 27?CEN-CENELEC Working Groups
        • 4?CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Technical Committees
        • 11?CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Working Groups

Published European standards and other CEN deliverables

In 2018, CEN produced 1198 documents:

  • 1076 European Standards (ENs)
  • 58?Technical Specifications?(TSs)
  • 44?Technical Reports (TRs)
  • 18?CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs)
  • 2??CEN Guides (CGs

The total number of living documents at the end of December?2018 is?16979 and consists of:

  • 15305? European Standards (ENs)
  • 29??European Prestandards (ENVs)
  • 526?Technical Specifications (TSs)
  • 87?CEN Reports (CRs)
  • 531 Technical Reports (TRs)
  • 461 CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs)
  • 40?CEN Guides (CGs)

3498 documents were in preparation at the end of 2018.

Latest?update on Technical Bodies and Standards

Find the latest information on Technical Bodies and Standards evolution and forecast.

The outcomes of CEN and CENELEC activities are presented in the CEN-CENELEC statistical pack.
The quarterly reporting?package covers:

(1) standards publications
(2) work programme
(3) development timeframe
(4) international relations
(5) relations to EU legislation.