Our helpdesks 

  • CEN-CENELEC Infodesk
    Provides?general information on CEN and CENELEC activities.
  • CEN-CENELEC SME helpdesk on standardization?
    Provides?a first-line advice and rapid response by e-mail and?direct links to national SME standardization experts.
  • Research Helpdesk
    Provides support/information on how standards can support R&D and innovation; why you should integrate standardization in your research (FP7) and innovation project; what services we offer.
  • Environmental Helpdesk
    Provides information and support to CEN Technical Committees (TCs) and Working Groups when addressing environmental issues in European Standards.
  • RB88热博首页 www.xzljb.net CEN IT Helpdesks
    Provides access rights to online databases, electronic platforms, etc.

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